Did you know! Arabic fastest growing language on Twitter

By Haytham IbrahimNovember 9, 2018

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Arabic fastest growing language on Twitter | So why learn Arabic?

Why learn any other language?

Language is not just the language.

Language is much more than an instrument for accessing data and information. Language is the very substance of contemplation. It is the palette from which we sketch all the colors of our existence, and people who speak manifold languages have a superior palette and richer position of colors to illustrate from than those who are monolingual.

Secondly, the book is written in consideration to the question in mind that asks:

English is Global, so why Learn Arabic?

Students who rose up with English as their national language should not be deprived of the chance to see issues from diverse perspectives, hear opinions with a different tone and coherent ideas using different approaches of contact. Multilingualism is a smart speculation in rising students with the cognitive and educational skills to be prepared for a world.

And still if one believes that language is just a tool for accessing information, it is obvious that more and more information is being produced in languages other than English. While English remains the most-used language on the Internet, for example, Chinese is easily spread up quickly, along with lots of other languages. Arabic has been cited as the greatest growing language on Twitter. Many English skilled Indians report a penchant for interacting on the Web in their native languages.

Furthermore, English supremacy isn’t guaranteed. Far from sections, Chinese verbal communication Web content is ballooning and might soon exceed English content by quantity. Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese are all unifying as internationally admired Web sites and TV shows pull jointly dialects. As trade globalizes, our colleagues, customers, owners and investors are more and more overseas.

Author: Haytham Ibrahim

This is Haytham Ibrahim, Ph.D. Highly qualified Arabic language lecturer. I have a Ph.D. in applied linguistics – TAFL (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language.) Maybe – If you are interested in learning Arabic Language – You have come across my name before. I’m the Author of the Learn Real Arabic system... read more

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