Understanding accusative case ending in Arabic — Part 5

By Haytham IbrahimNovember 9, 2018

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Standing tall with نصب, Part 5: Dropping the final ن  | We’re down to the fifth and last indicator of نصب (nasb), which is when the final ن that was present when the word was in رفع (raf’stops appearing when it switches to nasb.

When dropping of the final ن substitutes for فتحة as the sign of Nasb

In Arabic, it is stated as:

وَأمَا حَذْفُ النُوْنِ فَيَكُوْنُ عَلامَةً لِلنَصبِ في الأفعالِ الخَمسَةِ التِي رَفْعُها بِثَباتِ النُوْنِ

As for dropping of the ن, then it is a sign of nasb in the “five verbs” whose raf’ is by the establishment of ن.

You know from when we did the “five verbs” here what they are. If something happens that puts one of them in nasb, the final ن that is the sign of raf’ goes away. Some examples:

  • يَسُرُّنِيْ أنْتَحْفَظوا دُرُوسَكُمْ (“It delights me that you all memorize your lessons”) – the word was تَحْفَظُوْنَ before it change status.
  • يُألِمُنِيْ مِن الكَسالى أنيُهمِلوا فِي واجِباتِهِمْ (“It hurts me from the lazy ones that they neglect their assignments”) – the word was يُهْمِلُوْنَ before it changed status.

Each of the words تَحْفَظُوْا and يُهْمِلُوْا is a present action that is put in nasb because of أن.  The sign of its nasb is that the ن dropped off. The doer of the action is the و of the plural, fixed upon سكون (sukoon) in the state of raf’.

The same thing happens for a verb that has the ا of the dual or the ي of the singular feminine second person connected to it, such as:

  • يَسُرُّنِيْ أنتَنالا رَغَباتِكُماَ (“It delights me that you two attain your desires”) – the word was تَنالانِ  before it changed status
  • ِيُألمنِي أنتُفَرِِّطِيْ فِي واجِبِك (“It hurts me that you [f.] be lax in your assignment.”) – the word was originally تُفَرِّطِيْنَ

You already know how to think about the ا and the ي in these examples (hint hint, they are doers of actions like how we saw for theو of the plural in the example above).

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