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The method used is creative and it successfully teaches you a wide range of Arabic vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure in an easy way, I highly recommend Learn Real Arabic courses to all Arabic learners beginners and advanced.

Somayya Mohsen, Dr.

Helwan University - Arabic Literature Dept.
This program is by far the best that I have seen, particularly for teaching Arabic to beginners. It is clearly designed using Modern Standard Arabic. The videos are very comprehensive and step by step.

Sami Morsy, Prof.

Arabic Language Consultant - UK
Learn Real Arabic courses are really good for Arabic learners of all levels. Lessons are well-explained in step-by-step approach and it helps you to learn Arabic fast, I sincerely recommend Learn Real Arabic courses to anyone who's willing to learn Arabic online.

Maram Ryad

Arabic Translation Expert - USA
I have been working with Haytham for quite some time now. Haytham has helped more people learn Arabic fast - ranging from total beginners all the way to pros - definitely I will recommend the Learn Real Arabic courses to my friends.

Khalid Jamil, Dr.

Islamic University - Malaysia

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